Bestiality films: Man from Borders has sentenced deferred

A BORDERS man who admitted possessing bestiality images over a five-year period has been ordered to be of good behaviour for the next 12 months.

George Forsyth, 21, of Gordon in Berwickshire, had more than 200 films featuring sexual intercourse between people and animals. The films were on electronic devices at his Murrayfield home between April 2015 and February last year. 

Fraser Matheson, prosecuting, told Jedburgh Sheriff Court that police officers acting on intelligence obtained a search warrant for the property on February 3, 2020. 

He said: “It was executed at 7.30am with officers conducting a search of the premises.

“To be fair to the accused he indicated immediately there were images which were of concern which had been viewed by him. 

“A number of devices were seized.” 

Mr Matheson said there was a laptop used by Forsyth which contained 63 film files depicting extreme pornography in the form of bestiality. 

In another connected device there were five extreme pornographic images and 168 films. 

Sentence was deferred until May 22, 2022, for good behaviour.

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