Borders dog walking business says CCTV shows attempted theft

SUSPICIOUS men have been captured on CCTV trying to break into a Borders dog-walking business, according to the company’s owner.

Pauline Foggo, who owns Star Walkies in Grantshouse, Berwickshire, told the Border Telegraph that at 8.15pm on Wednesday (January 20) two intruders appeared – with at least another two in a vehicle.

Mrs Foggo, 50, said she was “shaken up” by the incident, adding: “To have them snooping about the property, we feel violated.”

The two men who entered the site and their vehicle were caught on the business’s CCTV system.

Mrs Foggo and her husband Craig say they are expecting a visit from police tomorrow (Friday) in response to the attempted break-in.

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Star Walkies offers dog walking and day care services, but it does not offer overnight boarding for customers’ dogs, Mrs Foggo said.

She feels that for the group to come to her business at 8.15pm was “quite brazen”.

“It’s not when we would be in our bed,” she added.

Although nothing was stolen, Mrs Foggo spent today being “extra vigilant”.

She said: “Today (Thursday) when I’ve been exercising the dogs I’ve been nervous.

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“I’ve been checking cars as they go past.

“I’ve overthought the whole thing – I thought about it all night – thinking had they kept an eye on the property?

“The dogs are usually out all the time but I feel I’ve restricted them today.

“I didn’t want to be seen inside when the dogs were out.

“But I don’t know if they would be so blatant in the day.”

Part of Mrs Foggo’s concern is what the men’s intentions were had they found dogs on the property.

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“There’s so much money in dog fighting, baiting, breeding,” she said. “It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

In the CCTV footage it appears that the two men walked through the Star Walkies’ car park and around the property before calling over their vehicle which parked on the road in front of the car park.

Mrs Foggo added that before noticing the men, she had let one of her dogs outside. The animal seemed “unnerved” by something as he started barking.

“It was only when Craig thought something was wrong because the dog wasn’t settling that he went outside,” she said. “That’s when they scarpered.”

In a message to this newspaper, Mr Foggo wrote: “We had an attempted dog theft – I’ve got the CCTV footage.”

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