Borders flooding: ‘Major incident’ declared in Hawick

SCOTTISH Borders Council (SBC) is warning that “significant damage” could be caused to properties by flooding after a “major incident” was declared in Hawick.

Heavy rain overnight and throughout today (October 28) has seen river levels rise across the region.

Following a period of sustained rainfall throughout the day the situation affecting the River Tweed and River Teviot is “worsening rapidly”, says an SBC spokesperson.

The council has declared a major incident in Hawick, with people being warned to avoid travel within the region.

The spokesperson said: “SEPA projections indicate that the Teviot in Hawick will peak above 3m at around 4pm this afternoon, which could result in significant damage to properties in at-risk areas of the town and pose a risk to public safety.

“The indications from the council’s flood team are that this would be a significant flood event with the potential for up to 500 properties being affected.

“Senior officers from across the multi-agency partners, including Scottish Borders Council, Police Scotland, NHS Borders and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, have taken the decision to declare a major incident in Hawick, which will be led by Police Scotland.

“Plans to evacuate residents and businesses likely to be affected are now being activated.”

The decision was taken to close Trinity Primary School and Hawick High School, as well as all schools in Peebles.

Chief inspector Vinnie Fisher, local area commander for the Borders, said: “We have been monitoring the situation with the weather in the Borders closely as the day has progressed and we have now made the decision, alongside our partners, to declare a major incident and have begun evacuating various residents around the River Teviot from their properties.

“We are working with our colleagues at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and Scottish Borders Council to safely move all of those affected and ensure they are appropriately accommodated for the time being.

“I would urge the public to avoid travel within the region unless absolutely necessary and to pay attention for more information as we continue to respond to this matter.”

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