Borders man ‘wiped snot’ on police officer’s bare arm

A BORDERS man who wiped nasal mucus on the bare arm of a police officer has been fined £240.

Douglas Duffy, 57, from Coldstream, pleaded guilty to the offence of threatening or abusive behaviour which happened on the A698 road near Kelso on the afternoon of July 8.

He admitted acting aggressively towards police officers, shouting and swearing and wiping mucus on the arm of a police officer.

In Jedburgh Sheriff Court, depute fiscal Fiona Hamilton said: “At around 3.30pm, police received a call about suspicious behaviour by a male at Riverside Drive in Kelso.

“The accused was traced walking along the A698 road one mile east of Kelso.”

She said when he was asked for his details Duffy reacted angrily.

He had a dog with him and eventually agreed to put the animal in the police vehicle cage while officers spoke to him.

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Ms Hamilton went on: “The accused wiped his nose and wiped the mucus on the bare skin of the officer’s forearm.

“When the officers tried to put handcuffs on him and took him to the ground be began shouting that if he saw them in the street he “would do you in and punch you to f***”.

“He was arrested and continued to shout and swear at officers.”

Defence lawyer Richard Souter said his client did have a record but had been out of trouble since 2013.

He explained: “He had travelled to Kelso to go shopping but had been drinking.

“He takes black-outs when he drinks too much and has little recollection of what has happened.

“He is sorry for what has happened.”

After being told Duffy was unfit for work due to ill health, Sheriff Peter McCormack fined him £240 and also imposed a £20 Victim Surcharge.

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