Borders mum slams Waverley Housing for ‘unfair’ bill

A BORDERS mum is outraged about a bill following home alterations she claims she did not carry out.

Lorraine Beaton, 51, is being charged £1,331.58 by Waverley Housing because of the condition of her former Hawick house when she moved out.

But Miss Beaton says the fault lies with a previous tenant. She claims they installed a cat flap, covered a door with paper, and painted a banister black.

“I’m absolutely and utterly disgusted at the way they [Waverley] are treating tenants – especially during COVID-19,” said Miss Beaton, who now lives in Galashiels.

The dispute is about Miss Beaton’s former home at McLagan Drive. She stayed there for around eight or nine months, she says, before moving out last year.

Last week, however, Miss Beaton says she received a hand-delivered bill from Waverley Housing.

She is being asked to pay for repairs carried out by the landlord, who restored the home after the alterations.

Border Telegraph:

When Miss Beaton moved into the property, she pointed out the alterations to Waverley Housing, she says.

“They said, ‘Don’t worry about it – we’re aware of it’,” said Miss Beaton, who now feels she is being unfairly charged.

“It’s unreal, because I’ve tried and tried and tried to talk to them [Waverley].

“They’ve been hassling me for this money that’s not my responsibility – and I’m saying I won’t pay.”

She added: “I think they need a wake-up call and I think everybody should know exactly what kind of people they are.”

Miss Beaton is the full-time carer of her 29-year-old son, who has learning difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. Miss Beaton also lives with her two other grown-up children.

Waverley Housing’s operations director Gregor Booth said: “I can confirm that Miss Beaton has been billed for costs incurred by Waverley Housing in carrying out works to the property vacated by her and her family in March 2019.

“Photographic evidence of the condition of the property and the works required following Miss Beaton’s departure from the property have been retained by Waverley Housing.

“If Miss Beaton continues to feel that we have not dealt with this matter fairly then she should contact our operations director.”

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