Borders teacher retires after four decades – ‘I’ve loved it’

A BORDERS teacher has retired after four decades in the classroom.

Jessie Learmonth, 66, has worked in schools across the region.

She said: “I think I always wanted to be a teacher – my sister said I was born a teacher.”

Mrs Learmonth, who lives in Ashkirk, moved to Hawick High School with her husband Peter in 1980, following work at Blackburn Academy, West Lothian.

After a year and a half in her temporary post in Hawick’s PE department, Mrs Learmonth started working in general supply, where she taught science, maths, English, business and French.

“I drew the line at German – too difficult,” she told the Border Telegraph.

In 1989, Mrs Learmonth took a step back from teaching to raise her family.

But once her three children were older, she retrained as a primary school teacher.

Mrs Learmonth spent the last 15 and a half years teaching at Trinity Primary School, Hawick, where she taught pupils from P1 to P7.

“I’ve loved it – it’s a very special school,” said Mrs Learmonth.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mrs Learmonth worked in the local hubs where she was able to see some colleagues and a small number of pupils.

But due to the lockdown, Mrs Learmonth has not been able to truly celebrate her retirement with colleagues or say a proper goodbye to her pupils.

She said: “I’ll go back into the school.

“I’m hoping staff from all years will be able to come, a lot of my ex-colleagues have retired too.”

In the meantime, Mrs Learmonth has plans to occupy herself with gardening, tidying her home and spending time with her two grandchildren.

She added: “I enjoy crafts, puzzles, gardening.

“And I won’t have any excuses for not having the time.”

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