Boxing Day Scotland: Why is it celebrated and what is Sweetie Scone Day?

Boxing Day. A day for shopping sales and leftover turkey. 

There are conflicting theories on the origins of the December 26 holiday – but it has nothing to do with the sparring sport of its namesake 

Oxford Dictionary claims that the day originated in the mid-17th century of giving tradespeople boxes of gifts the day after Christmas. 

According to that theory, wealthy residents would allow servants to visit their families after their efforts on Christmas Day – and would give them a ‘Christmas Box’. 

In the rest of the UK, Boxing Day has been a bank holiday since 1871 – however Scotland has only observed it since 1974. 

Sweetie Scone Day 

In parts of Scotland, Boxing Day was known as ‘Sweetie Scone Day’. 

According to Rampant Scotland, ‘sweetie scones’ containing dried fruit and spices would be given by lords and ladies to hardworking staff and those less well off.

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