Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon slams Borders ‘party house’

NICOLA Sturgeon has commented on complaints about a “party house” in the Borders amid fears over coronavirus.

Ms Grahame, of the SNP, said police had recently tried to disperse a 30-strong “stag do” at the self-catering accommodation, but officers failed due to partygoers’ drunkenness.

She asked the First Minister if she agreed that such behaviour could cause a spike in COVID-19 cases.

In response, Ms Sturgeon said: “Yes, I do agree.

“I think that is conduct that is not responsible in the circumstances we live in.

“The guidance is very clear that large numbers of people from different family groups should not be gathering in shared accommodation for leisure purposes such as stag and hen parties.

“The rules that govern circumstances in which you can spend time with friends and family apply both at home and away from home at any type of holiday accommodation.

“We’ve seen in Aberdeen what can happen with gatherings that don’t adhere to the guidance, particularly where alcohol is involved.

“So, we would expect guests to comply with guidelines and absolutely expect accommodation providers to act responsibly when letting larger properties.

“The recovery of our tourism and hospitality sectors is at a very fragile stage and I would urge everyone to play a full and responsible part in supporting that recovery, while of course keeping COVID suppressed.”

The Border Telegraph last week reported the concerns of local residents who claim that visitors to the mansion are not following guidelines and are causing disturbances.

The owner of the mansion, Michael Cameron, refuted the allegations when contacted by this newspaper last week.

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