Coronavirus: Scottish schools to open classrooms again

SOME pupils will return to Scottish schools from Monday (February 22), the First Minister confirmed in her lockdown update this afternoon.

During her coronavirus announcement in the Scottish Parliament today (Tuesday, February 16), Nicola Sturgeon announced that the back-to-school plans will go ahead.

All pupils in P1-3 will head back to classrooms next week.

Pre-school settings will also reopen, with limited numbers of senior high school pupils also set to return in order to complete essential practical work.

In her previous announcement at the start of February, Ms Sturgeon said that the return for senior-phase pupils would see only five to eight per cent of the capacity of secondary schools present at “any one time”.

Senior-phase pupils will be subject to two-metre social distancing rules while in school and on school transport.

The First Minister also confirmed that lateral flow tests would be offered to those working in schools, and early learning and childcare settings, as well as pupils in the senior-phase of secondary school.

During her announcement, Ms Sturgeon described the return to education for children as “the overriding priority”. 

Restrictions for adults will not change due to the prioritisation of education, which Ms Sturgeon said is “a trade off we need to be willing to make at this stage”. 

The First Minister also warned against parents socialising at school gates or returning to the workplace when their children are back in school.

“Please treat Monday’s very important milestone as a return to education for children only and not as a return to greater normality for the rest of us,” said Ms Sturgeon.

Ms Sturgeon revealed that preliminary plans for the second phase of the return to schools will be discussed in a fortnight – if Monday’s return goes as planned. 

The First Minister stressed that it is “unlikely for a further return to schools” before March 15.

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