Council launches Common Good consultation

THE council has launched a consultation to gauge public opinion on the Common Good registers for the former Burghs of the Borders.

Following an investigation into the assets held by the local authority, a draft asset register has been created for each area.

The council has considered title deeds (for land and buildings), museum records and old Burgh minutes. Where an asset was donated to a town, prior to 1975; where it was purchased from Common Good funds; or where it has historically been used by the people of the town as a public asset, the council has determined that the asset should form part of the Common Good.

However, SBC is asking Borderers to have their say on whether additional assets should also be included on the registers, or if an item(s) listed on the registers is not Common Good.

The consultation closes on March 31, 2022, and at the end of the consultation period the Common Good Sub-Committees will meet to discuss any feedback.

The Sub-Committees will then decide if any assets should be added or removed from the registers.

All consultation responses and a final copy of the register will be published after six months from the closing of the consultation.

The council also welcomes any information on assets listed on the registers.

The final register can be amended at a later date to include new information or newly identified assets.

To take part in the consultation, visit:

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