Council shares plans to tackle winter weather

SCOTTISH Borders Council (SBC) has outlined its plans to deal with difficult weather conditions during the winter months.

The winter service plan aims to keep Borders communities safe through adverse weather between December and February.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, executive member for infrastructure, travel and transport, said: “Every year we assess the impact of winter weather, our response to it and feedback from communities, and that helps to ensure that our annual Winter Service Plan is robust and that we are best placed to support our residents during the most challenging winter weather.”

This year SBC has made preparations ahead of the winter period.

The council currently has:

  • Over 18,000 tonnes of salt stocked
  • Over 1,200 grit bins
  • 41 gritters
  • 19 footpath gritters
  • Additional contractors available to support winter maintenance operations as required

Mr Edgar added: “It is important to remember that we have more than 3,000km of roads and 1,250km of footpaths and we simply cannot be everywhere at once.

“In that respect, the role that our Resilient Community groups and individuals can play through self-help is significant and is hugely appreciated by the Council.

“The Council is prepared for winter, and I would urge members of the public to also prepare as much as possible.

“We will do all we can to keep residents updated when adverse weather is forecast, communicate how we as a Council are responding, and support communities and individuals to play their part and help keep everyone safe.”

For winter 2020/21 the council provided:

  • Increased response to minimise impact of slips, trips and falls and associated impact on health services during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Twice daily treatments over 52 consecutive days across almost the entire primary network
  • A total of 192 planned preventative call outs to treat roads and footpaths
  • Above average salt use
  • Up to 12 refills of salt bins provided, compared to a maximum of 2 refills in previous years
  • Significant community self-help efforts through Resilient Community groups and others

Borderers are also encouraged to join the council’s emergency messaging service, SB Alert, to receive a call, text, or email about early warnings about any adverse weather.

Residents can sign up to SB Alert here, or for more information about SBC’s winter service plan, visit:

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