Covid Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon outlines supermarket guidance

Nicola Sturgeon has outlined a number of rules for shopping within supermarkets as she highlighted the coronavirus risk in retail.

The First Minister stressed the importance of wearing a face covering properly, as she announced a further 71 deaths and 1,480 positive coronavirus tests had been recorded in the past day.

The number of people in hospital has increased by 49 in 24 hours to 2,053, after a sharp drop in the daily figure on Thursday.

The Covid-19 death toll under the daily measure – of people who first tested positive for the virus within the previous 28 days – now stands at 5,628.

During her daily coronavirus briefing on Friday, the First Minister said shopping for food is now “one of the few reasons why we should be leaving our homes” – as she stressed it is not risk-free.

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What are the rules to follow?

Ms Sturgeon said: “The new variant is spreading faster and more easily so it is all the more important that when we do go to a shop… we take the necessary precautions”.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Firstly, try to limit the number of times that you go shopping right now.

“If you, in normal times, went shopping two or three times a week, try to limit that to just once a week now.”

“Where possible, order online, and if you do go to a shop and it’s busy, don’t go in,” the First Minister added.

“Try somewhere else or decide to go back at a less busy time.”

Ms Sturgeon continued: “Shop alone if you can, that’s a really important piece of advice.

“Don’t go with other people. If that’s not possible, if you need help with your shopping, try to make sure that you keep the group you are with as small as possible.

“Bear in mind some retailers are now actually promoting a one shopper one trolley policy to reduce the time spent in shops.”

“Sanitise your hands when you are going in and leaving a supermarket,” Ms Sturgeon added. 

“Most premises will have sanitising stations at entrances, checkouts and exits.”

She added: “Remember to maintain two-metre distancing at all times, I know how difficult that is when you are trying to get your shopping from the shelves but if there are people standing in front of you, or in front of items that you want, don’t lean over them to try to reach those items.

“When you are queuing, try to remember to keep your distance from the person in front of you.”

The First Minister continued: “Be patient if you have to wait a bit longer – show consideration for shop staff and other customers.”

She later said: “At all times, follow the FACTS guidance, that includes wearing a face covering.

“Unless you are exempt for a specific reason, face coverings must be worn in all retail premises – and remember, your face covering should be over your mouth and your nose.

“That’s really vital to make sure it’s giving you the protection that it’s designed to do but also that it’s giving the people around you maximum protection as well.”

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