Craig Lowrie completes fundraiser in memory of late sister

GALASHIELS man Craig Lowrie has completed his fundraising challenge – and he says the donations total is “unbelievable”.

Mr Lowrie has now run a dozen 10km runs during the Border summer festival season, having completed his final event in Coldstream on Friday (August 7).

“It was always going to be an emotional run as it was the last one,” said Mr Lowrie, of Selkirk, whose son Robbie was last year’s Braw Lad in Galashiels.

The challenge was created after this year’s festivals were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Around £7,000 has been raised, according to Mr Lowrie, with the money going to the festival committees, as well as the Borders General Hospital.

However, Mr Lowrie dedicated his efforts to his late sister, Donna Cameron, of Innerleithen, who died in a road collision last year, just two weeks before her nephew’s appearance as Braw Lad.

Following the completion of the runs, Mr Lowrie said: “It was good to get them finished – the running was the easy bit.”

Reflecting on Friday’s event, he added: “My sister’s kids and husband were coming down, and apart from Innerleithen they had not been to any of the other runs.”

Mr Lowrie was due to be joined by his son in Coldstream, but Robbie had an injury which left him on crutches.

But Mr Lowrie didn’t run his last challenge alone – former Selkirk Standard Bearer Rory Monks joined in.

“Rory stepped forward to run with me,” said Mr Lowrie. “I was glad to have the company as on my own it would have been gruelling.”

At the time of going to print, Mr Lowrie estimated that his fundraiser had reached a total of around £7,000 – with just over £5,800 being raised through his online Go Fund Me page.

“It’s phenomenal,” said Mr Lowrie. “I sat with Robbie at the beginning of the summer to talk about it.

“I didn’t expect anything near what we’ve done – it’s unbelievable.”

Once he had completed his mammoth task, racking up more 120 kilometres across the summer, Mr Lowrie gave a speech to supporters through a Facebook livestream.

In his speech, Mr Lowrie said: “Especially in these uncertain times we live in, you made the difference – I only ran.

“The comments you guys have posted each week – some heartfelt, some really encouraging, some quite funny – all really did mean a lot to me and gave me a great sense of pride.”

To support Craig Lowrie’s fundraiser, visit his Go Fund Me page.

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