Driver arrested after providing a positive drugswipe in Hawick

ROAD Policing Officers based in Dalkeith have been out and about in the Scottish Borders today as part of the National Motorcycling Campaign.

The officers are focusing on their annual motorcycle campaign over the spring and summer months when riders tend to make use of the better weather.

They have been engaging with motorcyclists in the region.

And whilst on patrol they arrested a driver in Hawick for providing a positive drugswipe.

Blood has been obtained for the driver for further analysis.

When launching the campaign last month fellow biker and deputy head of road policing, Superintendent Stewart Mackie, said: “We speak to bikers and other road users all year round but as the better weather arrives, there is a real focus on motorbike safety and educating all drivers.


“Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than other road users. My plea to other riders is a straightforward one – get home safe.

“I have bitter experience of attending fatal collisions over the years and we must all be cautious on bends, especially left hand bends and think twice before every single overtake.

“I understand the pleasure of being on a bike and exploring Scotland but there’s nothing more important than returning home to your loved ones safe and well.

“Every road user needs to play their part.”


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