Galashiels vegan bakery to expand with equipment campaign

 Zola’s Bakery in Galashiels is owned by Portia Legge and named after her Jack Russell-Pug cross.

Portia moved her business to the Borders from London in May 2022 and has been a popular destination for coffee and sweet and savoury treats in the town.

In recent months the business has seen more and more people coming through the door, something which Portia says she is “extremely greatful” for. But this increase in customers means that Portia – who regularly starts her working day in the early hours of the morning – has seen a rapid increase in her daily workload.

In order to meet the growing demand for her vegan bakes and coffees, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising £3,500 to cover the cost of a pastry roller.

So far the appeal has seen £1,310 pledged.

A statement on Portia’s fundraising page reads: “This piece of equipment will allow us to increase scale dramatically, to ensure we can produce a wider variety and deliver larger quantities. It will also take the pressure off rolling out kilo’s of dough by hand everyday, soemthing that is quickly taking its toll on my wrists. 

“We want to expand and get our bakes to as many people as possible however, this will not be possible without investing in more equipment, but this comes at a cost… a cost that as a small business we cannot afford.  

“We specifically are looking to invest in a professional pastry sheeter which will enable us to produce more in less time and take the strain off rolling everything by hand.”

In return for their donations, Kickstarter supporters receive ‘rewards’ based on their donation amount.

For supporters of Portia’s campaign, this means free coffees and cakes, among other rewards.

Rewards for supporting the pastry roller appeal include:

  • £5 donation – Five coffees
  • £10 donation – A five-piece cake box
  • £10 donation – A Zola’s Bakery enamel mug
  • £15 donation – A Zola’s Bakery tote bag and three coffees
  • £25 donation – A 1kg bag of Girls Who Grind coffee beans
  • £50 donation – A 1kg bag of Girls Who Grind coffee beans, 10 coffees, and a Zola’s Bakery enamel mug

Pledges can also be made if supporters don’t want a reward.

Kickstarter campaigns only release donations to fundraisers if they meet their target amount by their deadline.

The fundraising appeal for Zola’s Bakery ends on Monday, July 10 at 11.55am.

To support Zola’s Bakery, visit: