Gattonside house plans backed unanimously despite concerns

PLANS to build a property next to a ‘party house’ in the Borders have been unanimously backed.

Scottish Borders Council’s (SBC) building and planning standards committee met on Monday (January 10).

Objections were made in response to the application, which will see a one-storey house built alongside the existing five-bedroom property at Weathercote Rig, Gattonside.

But the development will now go ahead after members of the committee approved the plans, despite registering some concerns.

Hawick councillor Clair Ramage, of the SNP, said: “My only concern with the site is the trees that border the site. We have to be mindful of the tree roots and how far they come out.

“It’s the impact it will have on these mature hardwood trees that are along the site in the neighbour’s garden and just to make sure that they’re protected.”

Issues with the road surface were also raised, with members preferring a rock or stone over tarmac for safety reasons.

Tweeddale West councillor Eric Small, of the Conservatives, said: “It’s not a great site, especially with the access route, drainage, and road surface. I think a house is manageable on this site but it’s got problems.”

A number of objections had been raised over the five-bedroom house – which is advertised on holiday rental sites – being used by hen and stag-do groups.

However, a report submitted to SBC states that the new property would allow the occupier to be near their relatives and be cared for.

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