Hawick: Wendy is brewing up again after a change of heart

A TRADITIONAL tearoom in a Borders town which was earmarked for closure will soon be brewing up again after its owner had a change of heart.

Wendy’s Tea Room opened in Hawick’s Bourtree Place three years ago.

Run by Wendy Sproston, it was a real blast from the past, harking back to a 1940s-style eatery with net curtains, bone china cups, teapots and traditional Scottish food served.

Due to spiralling running costs Wendy reluctantly decided to call time on the business just before Christmas.

But when she went into the premises last week to prepare for the closure her passion for the business took hold again.

Now she has decided to reopen tomorrow (Tuesday, January 17), initially for a three-month period with a brand new offering, including a buffet-style menu, baked potatoes with new fillings, pensioners’ specials and lots more.

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Wendy said her decision to give the business another go was inspired by the messages of support she received from townsfolk.

She said: “The response from the Hawick people has been absolutely brilliant and it has really lifted me.

“Because I’d had a really bad few months for personal reasons, between that and trying to run the café with the electricity going up so much, I just thought I don’t know if I can do this any more and at Christmas I was going to call it a day.

“But when I came in on Friday I just thought, ‘I can’t do this’, and so many people didn’t want me to shut down.

“Things are still going to be tight for a while, but it is for everybody, and I just thought that if I don’t give it one more try I’d regret it. I just didn’t want to give it up because my heart and soul has gone into this.

“Now I’ve got to put everything I took out of the café at Christmas back in, it’s all in my house, so it’s just a question of bringing everything back.

“I’m hoping we can get some help from the government and I can turn things around. I’m certainly not going to give it up, not without a fight.”