‘Heartbroken and angry’ – Borders workers on job losses

A BORDERS worker who faces redundancy feels “shafted” by his company, with colleagues also laying bare the high emotional toll.

But a number of workers have approached the Border Telegraph to say the entire call centre is closing in August, with the loss of around 40 jobs.

One of the workers – Gary Turnbull, of Selkirk – said: “I feel shafted, especially considering how much work we’ve been doing from home.”

Mr Turnbull, 37, says employees have been told their final day of work will be on August 28. The claim has been backed up by other staff members, who spoke to this newspaper on the condition of anonymity.

The workers say that around three weeks ago, they were told Sykes was looking to cut approximately 30 jobs across its sites, including in Wales and Edinburgh.

But the workers say they have since learned that every employee in the Galashiels call centre will lose their job, because the Nether Road facility is closing permanently.

Mr Turnbull said: “They [Sykes] have thrown us under the bus – it’s detrimental what they’ve done.”

Three other workers told the Border Telegraph that the developments have had a negative impact on their mental health.

One of them – Worker X – said on Friday: “I’ve spent the last week crying – I’m angry.

“My partner works but it’s not fair for him to shoulder everything.

“I’m an anxious person at the best of times, but now it’s through the roof.”

Meanwhile, another employee – Worker Y – described themselves as “heartbroken”.

Worker Y said: “We got told we had 45 days left at work, with offers of possible contracts on the table.

“It’s been really tough. I’ve been getting my CV out, but there are so many applicants now and you don’t know if you’ll hear anything.

“It’s just trying to find something to suit your skills and needs.

“We have to wait and see – there’s nothing to do in the meantime.”

“I’ve spoken to a few colleagues, one’s got a role in Edinburgh and one has something lined up in Selkirk.

“We weren’t expecting it. We were first told there would be 30 jobs across sites, but now it’s the whole of the call centre.”

This newspaper previously reported comments from a further worker. Worker Z said the mood among staff is “very low”, adding: “It’s devastating to be losing work at a horrible time.”

Sykes has been approached for further comment, having provided a short statement on July 24.

The original statement reads: “Sykes is responsive to the needs of the market and our clients in a constantly changing business landscape.

“The decision to make such changes is never easy.

“After careful review we have started consultation about a reduction in the workforce at our Galashiels site.”

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