Life expectancy: Borders women see slight dip

LIFE expectancy for women in the Borders has dipped slightly, according to the latest figures.

According to data compiled by the National Records of Scotland (NRS), in 2017-19 the life expectancy at birth for women in the Borders was 81.93 years.

But this is a fall from the figure in 2016-18, when women could expect to live to 82.09 years.

The data for 2017-19 was published last week (on Thursday, September 24).

It shows Scotland has the lowest life expectancy out of the four countries in the UK.

Men can expect to live to 77.1 years, while women can expect to reach 81.1 years.

This represents an increase of 0.1 years for both men and women, compared with data from 2016-2018.

Julie Ramsay, head of vital events statistics at NRS, said: “The rate of life expectancy growth has stalled over the last few years in Scotland and this has been broadly reflective of the picture throughout the country.”

In the Borders, the life expectancy at birth between 2017 and 2019 for men shows an increase of 0.23 years to 79.15 years (compared with 78.83 years in 2016-2018).

However, women in the Borders have recorded a decrease of 0.16 in their average life expectancy at birth.

For 2017-2019, Borders women had an average life expectancy of 81.93 years – but in last year’s data (2016-2018) this figure was 82.09 years.

Ms Ramsay added that life expectancy in Scotland varies greatly in different regions.

She said: “Life expectancy varies considerably across Scotland, for example, life expectancy for both males and females is at its lowest in Glasgow City, where males are expected to live to 73.6 years and females to 78.5.

“Life expectancy for females is highest in East Renfrewshire at 84.0 years and male life expectancy was highest in East Dunbartonshire at 80.5 years.”

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