Melrose Bypass ‘race track’ claim heard at town meeting

PEOPLE are using parts of Melrose Bypass as a “race track at night”, says a member of the town’s community council.

Robin Chisholm was speaking at a meeting on Wednesday, April 21.

Mr Chisholm said: “A lot of traffic are using it [Melrose Bypass] as a race track at night.

“It seems to be in spring it gets worse, in my estimation.”

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Valerie Miller, who was chairing the meeting, said it could be down to the coronavirus lockdown.

“I wonder if it’s a product of pent-up energy,” she said.

“Everyone is a bit fed up and wanting to break out, get together and make a noise.”

However, Andrew Panter said it is a longstanding issue.

“I’ve been here 17 years and it’s been happening for 17 years,” he said.

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