Peebles: Florist’s new cut in former butcher’s shop

Last November, former Galashiels hairdresser Lynsey Taylor took over the closed Forsyths Butcher’s shop in Peebles Old Town and renamed it ‘The Blooming Bunch’.

It was not Lynsey’s first venture in the floristry business.

That started in 2021 with her brand in what is now RSVP on the High Street before a move to a unit by Haylodge Park.

The 45-year-old said: “I started the Blooming Bunch in 2021, it was quite small from my husband’s yard, it all kicked off when I got the Blooming Bike and got my street trader’s licence.

“When in the High Street shop the flower side of things took off massively, bigger than I could have ever imagined.

“I needed to move to a larger space and take on freelance staff and I went up to the depot at Haylodge.

“We had a lot of weddings, conferences and hotel work before I decided I missed the shop.

“We found former butcher’s hooks downstairs and quite a few people come in and ask for a bunch of flowers and a pound of mince!

“Or if I have any sausages left down the stairs.”

Lynsey was brought up in Galashiels, attended the Academy and when she was a pupil spoke to the careers teacher and said: “I want to be either a paramedic, a florist or a hairdresser.”

Lynsey said: “A long time ago, the careers teacher said: ‘You are not clever enough to be a paramedic, you’ll not get a job as a florist so you’d be better off being a hairdresser’.”

Lynsey was a hairdresser with her auntie at Sheer Cuts for 25 years and a cousin continues that business.

After her hairdressing days finished, Lynsey worked in the office for her husband’s lawnmower business but was bored and he said: “Why do you not just do your flowers?” so here we are.

The mum-of-three, also an Interflora seller, said: “I always did flowers as a hobby, for years and years.

“I went to church things and I did flowers for my friends and went on courses.

“After I had my two younger children, now nine and 10, that was when I decided I was going to go for it.”

“I am renowned for chatting and love being in the shop.”

At that point a delivery of flowers arrived.

Lynsey said: “I use two suppliers and this week one is working seven days.

“I get a fresh delivery every morning, by Rob from The Flower Bank, in the shop and another every two days for the Interflora business and sometimes go up early to the Edinburgh flower market.”

“I cover a massive area for deliveries Peebles, Biggar, West Linton, Penicuik, Gala, Melrose and Selkirk with my cut off St Boswells.

“I take on the day orders till 1pm but most are pre-orders.”