Peebles man warned after carrying out 2 town centre assaults

A PEEBLES man has been warned about taking the law into his own hands after carrying out two town centre assaults in broad daylight.

But Sheriff Peter Paterson acknowledged there was provocation involved and said he would not be awarding compensation to the two victims “for obvious reasons”.

Christopher Cassidy, 37, punched both men to the head to their injury in the Old Town in Peebles.

The assaults were captured on CCTV and footage played at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Cassidy’s lawyer said the victims were well known to the court.

He said his client had been reacting to thefts of various items, a pensioner being struck and a brick thrown through a window.

When he came across the two men he suspected of the offences he carried out the attack.

The lawyer added: “He did not go looking for them but on seeing them he assaulted them.

“Being in broad daylight and with other people watching , on the face of it it appears very stark.

“But the two men have since apologised to my client.”

Sheriff Paterson told Cassidy he would not be awarding compensation to the victims but added that should not be seen as condoning taking the law into your own hands.

Cassidy was fined £300 on each assault charge making it a total of £600 with a £40 Victim Surcharge which is a general fund for compensating victims of crime.

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