Peebles: Police arrest two youths and seize alcohol

POLICE arrested two youths at the weekend as officers seized nearly 40 bottles of alcohol from under-18s.

The patrols in Peebles on Friday and Saturday (August 28-29) were carried out in parts of the town where residents had raised concerns about anti-social behaviour.

Sergeant David Rourke told our sister newspaper that the arrested youths were apprehended for “public order offences”.

In a Facebook post, he revealed that one of his officers had been assaulted while confiscating alcohol.

Sergeant Rourke told this newspaper: “The focus over the coming weeks will remain on tackling youth anti-social behaviour around Peebles and we would ask that parents play their part in assisting by being aware of where their children are and what they are up to.”

Police have sent letters to the parents of the young people who were spoken to at the weekend.

Sergeant Rourke said the “key message” is to educate youths and parents about the impact which anti-social behaviour can have on the wider community.

Giving examples of troublesome behaviour, Sergeant Rourke cited “shouting and swearing, drinking in public places, vandalism and even simple stuff like how hanging around in large groups can be intimidating to the public”.

He added: “It is an offence to purchase or sell alcohol to those under 18 and those found guilty could receive a fine of up to £5,000 and/or imprisonment up to three months.”

In his Facebook post, published on the Scottish Borders Police Page, Sergeant Rourke wrote that he usually enjoys speaking to young people in the region.

He wrote that the weekend patrols in Peebles were mostly positive, except for “a couple of hiccups”.

Explaining that his officers received some abuse, with one getting assaulted, Sergeant Rourke added: “My officers are also a part of the community and just because they wear a uniform they should not have to endure abuse or violence and it is certainly #NotPartOfTheJob.”

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