Shortage of train drivers mean cancellations on Borders Railway line

SCOTRAIL have announced several changes to the Borders Railway service between Tweedbank and Edinburgh today Tuesday May 17 2022.

The following trains which were scheduled to leave Tweedbank at 4.21pm and 6.50pm have been cancelled due to a shortage of drivers.

Trains scheduled to leave Edinburgh for the Borders at 3.11pm and 5.40pm have also been cancelled for the same reason.

The trains leaving Tweedbank at 9.21am, 11.49am, 2.19pm and 4.50pm will consist of two carriages instead of three.

This will also be the case with the trains leaving Waverley Station at 10.43am, 1.10pm, 3.40pm. 6.16pm and 7.23pm.

This is also due to a shortage of drivers.

Scotrail have issued an apology for any inconvenience caused.

The 6.41am train from Edinburgh and the 7.49am train from Tweedbank were also cancelled.

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