Surface water in region causing difficult driving conditions

Drivers in the Scottish Borders are being advised to exercise caution due to surface water causing difficult driving conditions.

The Traffic Scotland warning affects all roads in the region following heavy rainfall throughout the weekend.

They are reminding drivers that when the road is wet, it can take twice as long to stop so they should slow down and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

And they have issued the following advice: “If your vehicle loses its grip, or “aquaplanes” on surface water, take your foot off the accelerator to slow down. Do not brake or steer suddenly because you have no control of the steering or brakes.

“Try to avoid driving through surface water as you might flood your engine. Avoid the deepest water which is usually nearest the kerb

“If you have to drive through floods, drive slowly using first gear and try to keep the engine revving at a high rate. Move forward continuously to avoid stalling the engine. If driving an automatic vehicle, engage and hold in a low gear

“Check your mirror and test your brakes after driving through water, to make sure they are still working properly.”

Rain is forecast for several days next week.

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