The Peebles sound therapist with fans in America and Europe

SOUND has been used as a healing and calming tool for years, but here in the Borders a Peebles-based therapist is sending out ‘good vibrations’… and it isn’t by playing the Beach Boys… 

Whether it’s classical, pop or rock, music awakens a feeling deep within our soul. 

This week, I caught up with Suzy Nairn, who has been using sound to deliver therapeutic sessions to individuals, groups and workshops, to thousands of people all over Scotland.

Suzy launched Soundsphere in 2009 after gaining a Practitioner Diploma in Therapeutic Sound, and has been healing people with gongs, drums, bells and bowls, and the soothing tones of her voice, for many years.

She is also co-founder of the ANSU School of Sound, the first sound healing school in Scotland running an annual certificate since 2015.

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“Our current group of online students include people in America and England who would not normally be able to attend due to distance,” explained Suzy.

“Previous students are now working within mental health, addiction, and cancer support, as well as offering private group sessions.”

Pre-COVID it was easy to offer treatments from her studio in Peebles, but when the virus halted her face-to-face sessions, Suzy worked hard to ‘up skill’ her knowledge around sound engineering online delivery, in order to reach her clients and offer the support they needed.

With the sessions now being delivered online, her healing sounds are resounding all over the UK and Europe.

Border Telegraph: Suzy Nairn has recently started offering online sessions to people in the UK, Europe and America. Photo: Helen BarringtonSuzy Nairn has recently started offering online sessions to people in the UK, Europe and America. Photo: Helen Barrington

Now, after teaming up with Scottish charity ‘The Flourishing Well’, which provides therapies and holistic wellbeing workshops, Suzy is helping those in need through these difficult days.

The charity, which was set up last year, aims to bring relief to people who have ill health, disabilities and financial hardship, but the list is by no means exhaustive as the charity aims to reach out to those disadvantaged.

Suzy told us: “I was recently invited to join this charity as one of their therapists and the aim is to offer online treatments for individuals and group sound journeys (relaxation sessions). 

“I was asked because of my experience and the fact that I am up and running with online sessions which are proving vital in these times.”

Praising the creator of ‘The Flourishing Well’ charity, Lorna Cameron, Suzy added: “I think it’s wonderful that there is a charity that is able to raise funds so that these therapies and sessions can be made available to more people, especially those who are struggling, and it’s ideal to run them on a regular basis as regular support.

“I highly applaud Lorna for her commitment to this work.”

Border Telegraph:

After her first event in December proving a success, Suzy plans to run monthly group sessions as well as treatments for individuals. 

“My therapeutic sound sessions can really help people as it is a natural process to help slow the brainwaves down to a more restful state which many people find unable to do themselves,” explained Suzy.

“The way I play and weave the instruments together creates different effects that essentially lull a person into a calmer place. 

“At this point the person may release a lot of tension being held in the body, an overactive and worrying mind can settle. 

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“The outcome of this can result in improved sleep patterns, and an ability to better cope with life’s challenges, a sense of hope can return, high blood pressure can reduce, and a reduction in pain in the body is often reported.”

As the invisible virus continues to tighten its grip in the UK, inevitably curbing our freedom and inflicting misery and mental illness on millions, Suzy’s invisible treatment of sound is helping people reach a feeling of peace.

Or, in the case of one participant last month, who said “I felt my warrior come out”, the good vibrations are bringing strength to the people who need it most.

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