Tim Stead Trust gets keys to late artist’s Borders home

AFTER a year of fundraising, trustees of the Tim Stead Trust were officially given the keys to the late artist’s famous Borders home.

The Steading, at Blainslie, was the home of Tim and his widow Maggy Stead, before his death in 2002.

In November 2020 the trust launched a campaign to raise money to purchase The Steading in order to transform the home into a creative hub – and within three months the trust had raised £500,000 in donations.

“I have dreamt so long of this moment over the past five and a half years – the day when we would be able to receive the keys to The Steading and carry on for Maggy her work of promoting Tim Stead’s work and everything he stood for,” said Nicola Fletcher, chair of the Tim Stead Trust.

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On handing over the keys to the trust, Maggy said: “I had not imagined a handover like this.

“I had imagined a marquee in the garden, a pig roast, fireworks, a big party to say a big goodbye to all. As it is, because of the virus, it feels a bit like leaving by the back door. But I know that The Steading, with its collection and archive, is in good hands.

“And I look forward to the developments that are going to take place here at The Steading, to allow it to continue to be a place of inspiration and fun.”

Recently, members of the trust have worked to complete essential repairs in order to move ahead with their ambitious plans for The Steading.

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Trustees hope to offer education activities and creative experiences for visitors to The Steading, focusing on art, poetry, music and the environment to help people see the connections between humanity and nature.

In order to meet its goals, the trust is continuing to fundraise via its website.

Ms Fletcher added: “At times we have despaired, but we got here in the end.

“We’re going to need a lot more funding to carry out our future plans, but we are excited to have some brilliant organisations who want to come with us on our creative and environmental journey.

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“We are hopeful that public funders will now play their part in making this inspiring project happen.”

For more information, visit: timsteadtrust.org

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