YouTube vlogger: ‘Ban cars from Melrose high street’

A VISITOR to Melrose has claimed traffic is spoiling the town.

YouTube user Edward Burns, 64, of Glasgow, recently visited Melrose during a walk to the statue of William Wallace at the Bemersyde estate.

But during a break, Mr Burns told viewers that he was unable to film at the Market Cross because the sound of passing traffic was too loud.

“It was just the clamour,” Mr Burns said. “I’ve been [to Melrose] a few times before, but at the Mercat Cross there were so many cars going past.”

In his video, Mr Burns suggests that the High Street should be closed off to cars, with the exception of mobility vehicles and delivery vans.

He told the Border Telegraph: “I’m not suggesting that the High Street should be completely closed.

“The number of cars affects the enjoyment you can have.

“Where the pavements are narrower, you feel you can’t stop and look in shop windows – there’s not enough space.”

The Border Telegraph put this complaint to Melrose and District Community Council.

The community council’s chairman William Windram said: “It’s not an issue we’ve had raised.

“People parking for longer than they should, yes – but no one has called for a ban.

“Parking is a problem.

“We have other parking but it’s not close to the High Street.

“I don’t think a parking-free zone will work.”

A spokesperson from Scottish Borders Council added: “The council is not currently considering any changes of this kind to the road network in Melrose.

“When the council introduced the current one-way system and townscape improvements to Melrose town centre, a wide range of stakeholders were involved.

“These improvements aimed to strike a balance between creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment without impacting adversely on the needs of local businesses.”

Mr Burns says stress can be caused by being around cars.

He said: “Lots of cars can create stress.

“A lot of cars and a lot of people, it can take away from the experience of being somewhere and taking in the things around you.”

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