Borders company announces exciting new partnership

EARLSTON based company, BSW Group has entered into a partnership with Yorkshire-based shed manufacturer Power Sheds who have become a major disruptor in the sector since launching in 2019, and now with a turnover in excess of £15m.

Founded in 1848 in Berwickshire, BSW Group is the largest integrated timber and forestry business in the UK, with a turnover in excess of £700m.

The group which employed 1,700 people has operating divisions spanning tree nurseries, forestry, harvesting, sawmilling, timber processing and energy.

Power Sheds was launched three years ago manufacturing wooden garden buildings such as sheds and summerhouses.

Since then, the Bradford based company have won a raft of industry awards, including ‘Start Up of the Year 2022’ and become one of the biggest disrupters in the industry, with a turnover in excess of £15m.

The company employs 75 staff at the Bradford headquarters.

CEO of BSW Group, Tony Hackney, said: “To work in partnership with Power Sheds is a great win for us, and gives us the opportunity to supply a wider range of value-added products to global markets. We’re excited to support Power Sheds as they continue to grow as a leading garden building supplier”.

Power Sheds’ CEO, Jack Sutcliffe, and Director, Simon Hobson, will remain in control and continue to drive the business forward in their venture with BSW Group.

“Our new partnership with BSW Group is really exciting for the company and gives us a great opportunity to build Power Sheds into a world-wide brand and break into new markets such as the US and Europe.” CEO Jack explained, “I’m looking forward to building the business even further and seeing where it takes us over the next few years.”

Director of Power Sheds, Simon Hobson, said: “This is a really exciting time for the company, and we can’t wait to see what this means for our development and growth. The new partnership means there are going to be more opportunities for the existing team at Power Sheds, who have been integral in helping us achieve everything we’ve done on the journey so far.”

“We are really impressed with the rapid growth and success that Power Sheds has achieved in only three years, so the team was very excited to develop a relationship and help it expand to its full potential. We are very much looking forward to working together.” Alan Milne, CFO of BSW Group explained.

BSW is passionate about creating a sustainable future for British forests and woodlands, and as such the company is a proud member of Grown in Britain.

For every tree BSW harvests, a minimum of three are planted in its place, and the group uses 100% of the log it receives.